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Cuyahoga Soap

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August W. Stadler


Charles W. Ehrke[1]


808 Denison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio


August's father, Ludwig (Louis) Stadler [1828-1884], opened his soap factory in 1876[2] at a time when a medium-sized gully crossed from his property north of Archwood Avenue over to the northside of Willowdale Avenue.
Ludwig's factory was located in that gully just west of West 25th St.. Presumably, the development of the residential area between Archwood and Mapledale Avenue proved to be incompatible with a firm that utilized animal fats and tallow which probably produced noxious odors. The gully was totally filled in and now is the site of housing and retail businesses.
Louis' son, August, started up his own operation on the lower end of Denison Avenue. The soap factory was totally destroyed by fire on August 18, 1884.[3]

CUYAHOGA SOAP, a small family-owned rendering firm, became a major domestic producer of tallow. The company was a major consumer of the waste from Cleveland's stockyard operations. Cuyahoga Soap & Rendering, as the company was originally called, was begun by August W. Stadler in 1876 with $98 capital. (A friend offered him $100, but he turned down the extra $2 as unnecessary.) A fire and flood ruined Stadler's early venture, but undaunted, he maintained an office in his home while he acquired the materials to start over.[4]

--Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

Advertisement for the Cuyahoga Rendering and Soap Company - appeared in the Cleveland City Directory of 1919
Advertisement for the Cuyahoga Rendering and Soap Company - appeared in the Cleveland City Directory of 1919


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