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Holmden Family

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(The text below is from notes found in the Ruth Ketteringham Collection folder labeled "Edgerton Holmden". The author is unknown but presumed to be Martha Philena Holmden Ganyard.)

"Philena Holmden Babcock purchased this place in 1865 __ don't know how old it is or who built it.
She was born in the U.S.A. She was of English desent [sic]. Grandpa Holmden her first husband was born in England. Philena Rooker was married to Walter Holmden Sept 17, 1848. He passed on Nov 7, 1864. She married Selwin Babcock June 29, 1865 and he died June 21, 1896. She passed on May 7, 1915. She was born Feb 12, 1821.
They had 7 children, Geo.W., Charles W., Benjamin T., Martha L., James T., Judson E., Ida D.
Charles Walter Holmden was born in Pithole City, Pa. Feb 21, 1853, came to Cleveland in 1865. Mar 2, 1874 he married Electa Jane Edgerton. She was born Mar 2, 1856, she was born in Ohio. Both attended Denison School. Both are of English descent.
They started house keeping in Pithole City, Pa. and came to Cleveland in 1883. In 1884 they built a house on Plymouth st. now 3790 W.37th St. To them were born seven children Della E., Elmer W., Martha Philena, and Charles Ezekiel. [these were born in Pa.] Coresta A., Z. Maudi, Vivian J. were born in this home.
Charles Walter Holmden had a grocery store on the Southwest corner of West 25th St. and Denison Ave.
The home is now owned by their daughter, M. Philena and husband L.J. Ganyard. They had two daughters, Coresta Mae and Electa Carolyn.
Charles Walter Holmden passed on July 12, 1935, aged 82 years.
Electa Jane Holmden is living in Madison, O. at home of her daughter Mrs. Vivian Wood.
Mrs. Homden was a member of Franklin Circle Christian Church later brought her _____ to Archwood Congregational.

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