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Terrace St.

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Post-1906 name:
Willowdale Avenue

Original Owner:

Capt. Ozias Brainard


Township 7, Range 13, Original Lot 65, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
First street south of Riverside Cemetery.

Chain of Ownership:

Richard Lord (as agent for the Western Reserve)
Capt. Ozias Brainard
Ebenezer Fish
John Stanton Fish
Diebold Mallo
W.T. Mallo
(Note -- only the early owners are shown, up to the point of development)


The western half was developed by W.T. Mallo and the eastern half starting in 1888 by Curtiss, Foster, and Sprague (Park Addition)

Named for:

The definition of "terrace" is a residential street following the top of a slope. Terrace Street (later Willowdale) ran along the southern edge of a deep ravine on the south side of Riverside Cemetery.


An 1881 map shows a glue factory in or around what would latter become Terrace St. (Willowdale). The ownership is shown as D. Walls but no deed has been located for this property under that name. Since we know that Diebold Mallo purchased this same area in 1863 from Eliphalet Wyatt, it is highly likly that the person drawing up the map misinterpreted Mallo's name (ie. Mallo was read as Walls). Furthermore, the 1870 Census lists Diebold's occupation as a glue manufacturer.

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