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Brooklyn Centre Flora and Fauna

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[This page is currently under construction and subject to substantial editing.]

At 1310 Redman Ave., there were several varieties of trees on the property. It is unknown if these were planted by the property owners or were leftovers from the farm that once existed there.

At the rear of the property was a Pignut Hickory tree. The tree was quite large in diameter and probably about 40' tall. The nuts were small and had a leathery greenish brown husk. Unfortunately, the nuts were bitter and not edible unless you were a squirrel or a pig.
At the eastern boundary, were several Sumac trees. At least I always identified them as Sumacs, however, I recently found out that it was probably the Chinese "Tree of Heaven" (Ailanthus altissima) since only that variety grows to the height and size this tree was. It was easily 30' to 40' high and did not turn brilliant red in the fall. The leaf fronds were often stripped of the leaves to create a makeshift "whip" for us to play with.
In the front yard was a large Catalpa tree best known for the long "cigars" (seed husks) that form and hang all over the tree. Because this tree was right at the corner of the house, my guess would be that it was definitely planted by the property owner.

At 3701 West 14th Street the back yard sported a large Buckeye tree which provided the kids in the neighborhood with all sorts of entertainment value.

Staghorn Sumacs could be found growing in great profusion in the woods that lay to the north of Redman Avenue.

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