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Gideon Granger

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Candidate #1:

Gideon Granger of Canada. Only known family is a son named Samuel. Always referred to as the squatter on what is referred to as Granger’s Hill in Brooklyn Township, Ohio and found there by Ozias Brainard when he came to claim his land. Stayed until 1815 at which time he and his son removed to the Maumee country. Granger supposedly sold his "improvements" to the Brainards. No deed has been found to support this notion, so the improvements must simply mean a log cabin or cleared field.

Candidate #2:

Gideon Granger, of Canandaigua, N.Y., was 4th Postmaster General of the United States in office from 1801 thru 1814 under Presidents Jefferson and Madison. Born in Suffield, Connecticut in 1767
Granger built a fine mansion in Canandaigua where he lived out the remainder of his days and died in 1822.
It seems unlikely that THIS Gideon Granger is the one found squatting on Granger’s Hill in Brooklyn, Ohio. He was quite wealthy if he could afford to have a three story mansion and buy up many vast tracts of land in the Western Reserve. Would he be found as a squatter? Not very likely.


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Granger homestead
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