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Town Brooklyn Township
County Cuyahoga
State Ohio
Country USA
Coordinates 41°28′56″N, 81°40′11″W

Organized 1 June 1818, Brooklyn Township was the area of Cuyahoga County west of the Cuyahoga River prior to being annexed by Cleveland. Brooklyn's northern boundary was Lake Erie, it's eastern boundary was the Cuyahoga River, it's southern boundary was Parma and Independence, and it's western boundary was Rockport. Brooklyn was township number 7 of range 13. [see the article on the Western Reserve for more information on how townships were numbered.] The early settlers had actually considered calling it Egypt because of the fertile land so suitable for growing corn.


(TIME SPAN - 3 Mar 1836-1854)
The area from the southern shore of Lake Erie to Walworth Run.
1836 -
The residents of the northern part of Brooklyn incorporated their area as "The City of Ohio" later more commonly known as Ohio City. (See page 304 of Griswold, S. O., The corporate birth and growth of the city of Cleveland : an address to the Early Settlers' Association of Cleveland Cleveland: Western Reserve and Northern Ohio Historical Society, 1884, 32 pgs.)
1837 -
That part of Ohio City that lay south and west of the Barber & Sons allotment became known as Willeyville. Named, no doubt, for John W. Willey, Ohio City's first mayor. It was here that a riot almost occurred over the bridge built across the river at Columbus Street. (See page 305 of Griswold, S. O., The corporate birth and growth of the city of Cleveland : an address to the Early Settlers' Association of Cleveland Cleveland: Western Reserve and Northern Ohio Historical Society, 1884, 32 pgs.)
1864 -
Cleveland annexes that part of Brooklyn township that lay north of Walworth Run.
1867 -
Cleveland annexes another part of Brooklyn township south of the original "City of Ohio".
1872 -
Cleveland annexes more of Brooklyn township.


(TIME SPAN - 1867-1894)
Organized in 1867. It comprised an area roughly from Daisy Avenue to Big Creek.
First mayor: Bethuel Fish
Area north of Daisy Avenue was annexed by Cleveland in 1890. The remainder was annexed in 1894.
Brooklyn Centre is located in the vicinity of the intersection of Denison Avenue and West 25th St.

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A Mass Meeting of Brooklyn Village Citizens--The Decide to Fight Annexation to the End.

A mass meeting of the citizens of Brooklyn village who are opposed to the annexation of the village to the city was held at Laux's hall, corner of Pearl street and Marvin avenue, lst evening. There were about fifty representative citizens present. The meeting was organized by the election of Mr. William Precott as chairman and H.M. Farnsworth as secretary. A committe consiting of Messrs. William Prescott, I.N. Turner, H.O. Bremer, F.E. Bliss, W.D. Campbell, M.H. Farnsworth, John S. Fish, Peter Vonderau, Fred Paillon, O.D. Miller, Diebold Mallo, H.M. Farnsworth, T.S. Davies, M.J. Oviatt, Henry Miller, H.E. Castle, Dr. H.C. Hyre, James Schaber, Seymour Trowbridge, E.E. Hodges, Clay Terrell, John Tompkins, O.F. Thomas, W.R. Mallo, A.S. De Vries, Oscar Herold, A.E. Hyre, William Snowden, W.H. Powers, Charles Fish, Titus N. Brainard, E.H. Foster, George Storer, Gebhard Kuchle, Henry Tompkins and John W. Naaf was appointed to present a remonstrance signed by 350 citizens to the city council at its meeting on Monday evening. A committee consisting of Messrs. H.M. Farnsworth, F.E. Bliss and William Prescott was appointed to retain Judges Rufus P. Renney and Henry McKinney in behalf of the remonstrators.

Source: Date: 1889-06-23; Paper: Plain Dealer pg.2 col.6


(TIME SPAN - 1833-18??)
Area south of Big Creek (sometimes referred to as Mill Creek).


(TIME SPAN - 1890-1906)
Short-lived successor to Brighton before being annexed to Cleveland.


(Formed in 1903)


  • "The World's" history of Cleveland : commemorating the city's centennial anniversary, Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland World, 1896, 445 pgs.

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