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Western Reserve

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What is the Western Reserve?

Survey Grid System for Townships

The original surveyors of the Western Reserve for the Connecticut Land Company used the 41st parallel of latitude as their baseline. From the western border of Pennsylvania, they then laid out lines of longitude, five miles apart, that ran north to Lake Erie. Crossing these, they also laid out lines running east and west -- again, five miles apart. Thus each township was five miles square.
Each five mile section (west to east) was numbered starting from the western border of Pennsylvania from 1 to 24. These were the ranges.
Each five mile section (south to north) was also numbered starting from 1 to the shore of Lake Erie.
Cleveland was the 7th township from the 41st parallel of latitude, and the 12th range from the border of Pennsylvania. Brooklyn was also the 7th township, but it was in the 13th range (being a little farther west). Both were in Cuyahoga County

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