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Wyatt Hardware

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Location: 3817 West 25th Street


ATlantic 4982
SHadyside 2793
SHadyside 1-2792

Owner: Harry Milton Wyatt (1889-1932)

The earliest mention at the 3817 or 3819 address was in an ad in 1912. Although unverified, it is possible that Wyatt may have planned to locate the store at 3807-09 West 25th Street. Wyatt purchased that lot in 1921.

Born 11 Mar 1889 in Hull City, Iowa, Wyatt was the son of Clair L. Wyatt and Ida E. Rollo. He died on 12 Dec 1932 leaving a widow, Esther (Malusky). The couple had only one child, Mabel, who died at the age of one.

The store continued to be operated as H.M. Wyatt Hardware until it went out of business in 1969. Wyatt's widow was living in Florida and probably died there. It is unknown who had been running the store from the time of Wyatt's death in 1932 until it closed in 1969.

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