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East Denison Elementary School

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1700 Denison Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio


Founded 1902

The school was built on land deeded to the Cleveland Board of Education by Miriam Brainard Eldridge, widow of Moses Eldridge, William Hodkinson, and John Cheney. Miriam was a daughter of Seth and Delilah Brainard.


Kindergarten thru 6th Grade


1904 - The following appeared in a request for bids in the 1904 Ohio Architect and Builder:
'CLEVELAND. Jan. 8. East Denison school, frame structure, partially destroyed by fire. New blackboards, desks, etc.'[1]

At the present time, a charter school called Horizon Science Academy, is operating at this location with approximately 400 students in the 5th thru 8th grades.



"I attended east denison and still live in my parents home. I am trying to locate a picture of the graduating classes of 1965 and 1966 if they are available.

Several of the kids I went to school with then have passed away and I cannot locate the parents to see if they have any of the pictures. My name when I attended was Debra Manson."

Note: If you have one of these photos and would like to share it here, click on "Contact me" in the menu along the left hand side of this page. --Sandy 07:22, 27 October 2008 (PDT)


  1. Ohio Architect and Builder, January 1904, pg. 46
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