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West 13th, West 14th, West 15th, and Redman

City Dump and Redman Woods

Denison Ave., Jennings Ave.

Harvard-Denison Bridge

Jennings Freeway Demolition


Photos wanted! Please submit any you might have for the Brooklyn Centre area to barbarowa@yahoo.com


The above photos give us an idea of the aftermath of the Great Thanksgiving Blizzard of 1950. The storm raged on from Nov. 23rd thru Nov. 27th with howling winds, near zero temperatures, and dropping nearly two feet of snow on Cleveland. You can see from the pictures that the drifts were huge.

The 1951 city directory shows who may have lived in the houses shown in the snowstorm picture:

1226 Umerley Leo J jr
1226 Walczesky Edw
1230 Andreasik Louis J
1230 Kimall Richd C (this should really be Richard KIMBALL)
1302 Chmura Bernard S
1302 Dzierzawski Theo H

One has to assume that the snow shovelers were probably residents of those houses since they were obviously trying to dig out that buried car.

I know nothing about Umerley.

Walczesky was married to a Czarnecki, though I'm not sure if she was related to the Czarnecki's on W.13th street or not. If so, there were plenty of Czarnecki boys to lend a hand.

Andreasik would have been 48 in 1950 and none of the shovelers look that old. Same with Kimball (they misspelled his name in the city directory) -- he was 47. He happened to die just a few months later of a heart attack, so I wonder if he would have even attempted to shovel snow if he knew he had heart problems?

Bernard Chmura was 26 and very likely one of the guys out there. Right age.

I know nothing about Dzierzawski.

So somewhere in the above information is likely the answer. Maybe one day someone from those families will stumble across the pictures and recognize the faces and write to me. We can only hope.....

-- Sandy

Tornado - June 8, 1953

Does anyone have any neighborhood pictures showing some of the damage? Our area didn't get hit nearly as badly as West Park, but the winds were bad enough to bring down some good size trees.
My recollection is that I was sitting on my Grandmother's porch on Redman Avenue reading a book when it started getting awfully scary looking outside. The sky seemed to take on a greenish hue. My Grandmother must have been listening to the radio because she rushed to the door and told me to get inside right away. My Mom was working at Republic Steel at the time, so she had no idea if we were safe, or not. Later she told me that the huge steel doors on the shop were shaking and flexing so much that everyone wondered if they'd be ripped off. When all was said and done, our yard had trees down all over. The next morning, it was a heartwarming sight to see all the neighbors going from yard to yard helping clean up the mess.

West 25th St.

To see photos of the W.25th St. area, see the Ruth Ketteringham Collection which includes very early photographs from the late 1800's up thru about 1987.

Submit Your Photographs

Photos wanted! Please submit any you might have for the Brooklyn Centre area to barbarowa@yahoo.com

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