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Puritas Springs

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John E. Gooding


Western terminus of Puritas Avenue (see map below)

About the Park:

Puritas Springs Amusement Park opened in 1898 and closed down in 1958. It was, at one time, a destination where one could obtain bottled spring water from artesian wells.
Puritas Springs park was closed in 1958, due to decreasing attendance, when the Gooding family sold the property to developers. Some rides, including the merry-go-round, were sold and transported to other amusement parks.
The park featured an infamous roller coaster, the Cyclone, that dipped down into the valley and then back up again. A carousel was obtained from Luna Park when it closed down in 1929.
A skating rink and dance hall were also on the grounds.
Fires in 1946, which destroyed the dance hall, and later a major fire occurred on the site in May 1959, destroying and damaging several structures and remaining rides.
For further information about this park, visit Jim Barrick's website dedicated to John E. Miller, designer and builder of roller coasters. He includes a fascinating virtual ride on the Cyclone which was provided by Jim Kelly.


The West Park Historical Society graciously provided the following images for use here. Visit their website to view more and/or to buy the 2009 Puritas Springs calendar.

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