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Slabe's Dry Goods

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Map showing the location of Slabe's
Map showing the location of Slabe's


John Slabe


3777 W.14th St., Cleveland, Ohio
Slabe's Shoe Store was located between the old Denison Ave. and the approach to the Harvard-Denison Bridge.
Typical of store interiors from the first several decades of the 20th century, the floor was bare wood. The shelves and moldings were made of dark, quartersawn oak. Interior lighting was minimal but sufficient. The goods sold included men's work shoes, socks, shoe accessories (ie. laces, shoe polish), fabric, and threads. The threads were in a small wedge shaped display case that sat on top of the larger glass case below. The front of the brown tin case read "J & P Coats -- Boilfast --Mercerized".
Without a picture to illustrate the property, only words will do. A low iron bar fence surrounded the west and south sections of the property. A bus stop was located to the south of the store where one could catch the CTS #19 bus. The west side of the property had the entrance to the store and a mailbox.

Behind the east side of the property sat the ruins of an old abandoned two pump gas station which had been operated by Uri Richards.

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