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Spring St.

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Post-1906 name:
Selzer Avenue (re-named from "Spring Street")


Township 7, Range 13, Original Lot 65, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Spring St. extended from W.21st St. to W. 25th St.
In an 1891 deed Spring St. was mentioned as "proposed".

Chain of Ownership:

(Note -- only the early owners are shown, up to the point of development)
Moses Fish
Jacob Schneider (see below)
Andrew Wirth (see below)


Part of two developments --
Portion between W.21st and W.23rd - Jacob Schneider Allotment
Portion between W.23rd and W.25th - Andrew Wirth (In 1840, purchased from Moses Fish approx. 55 sq.rods.)

Named for:

Jacob Selzer. Jacob had married Andrew Wirth's daughter, Elizabeth, and then after she died in 1865 he married another of Andrew's daughters, Mary Louise.


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