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Walworth Avenue

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Post-1906 name:


Follows the route of the old stream bed previously known as Walworth Run. The Run was a tributary stream extending from approximately West 65th St at the old stockyards to the Cuyahoga River passing under the bridge at West 25th St., just south of Lorain Avenue. The viaduct there at West 25th St. is 365 feet long.

...branching to the west from the valley, and followed by the track over which the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railroad, and the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad’s western division ran, a small and sluggish stream—Walworth Run—marking the dividing line between the West Side and the elevated plateau locally described as the South Side. That run would have been found crowded, for a mile and a half, with pork and beef slaughter-houses, woolen-factories, ice-houses, and various concerns of a similar character.

--A HISTORY OF THE CITY OF CLEVELAND by James Harrison Kennedy


What began as a valley containing several ponds and a running stream that was appealing to settlers with a need to water their livestock, later evolved into a culvert and sewer system for the city. It is now buried underground.

Named for:

Named for John Walworth.
Source: All about Cleveland : a city cyclopedia, the Cleveland cicerone. Cleveland, Ohio: Whitworth Bros. Co., 1908, 225 pgs. See page 73.

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