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Wincek Dairy

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Wincek Milk Bottle(submitted by Walt Wozniak)
Wincek Milk Bottle
(submitted by Walt Wozniak)


John Wincek (sometimes spelled Wiencek)


3706 W.13th


John Wincek first came to USA and settled on Jefferson Ave near St John Cantius in 1902.

In 1904, he married Ludmila Andreasik. Ludmila is related to the Andreasik's the Chmura's, the Nowak's, and the Wojnarowski's of the Barbarowa neighborhood.

The family moved to West 13th around 1908 or 1909. In 1909, John bought two adjacent properties: sublot 22 and 23 in the Ebenezer Foster's Heirs resubdivion. The addresses for these properties are 3705 and 3708 W.13th St. It was here that John Wincek setup his milk depot. There was a big block garage at the back of the propertyy that was probably where he bottled the milk.

Using an horse-drawn wagon, John would deliver milk to the families in the neighborhood. The horse was so familiar with his barn, that when John would stop in at a bar, the horse would just walk home on his own. The horse was probably housed in the bigger garage that ran parallel with the alley.

By 1915, financial circumstances became problematic for John, so he was forced to close the dairy and sell the property. The family then moved to Valley Rd.

The site later was occupied by a large four family house, which existed until the Jennings Freeway project claimed it and it was torn down.

Source: John's grandson, Walt Wozniak

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