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Merrymen's Club

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Some of the male parishioners of St. Barbara Church organized a group known as the Brooklyn American Polish Civic Club. Later this club evolved into the St. Joseph Lodge and the Merrymen's Club. The Polish National Alliance also held meetings here -- Joseph Bartkiewicz was a longtime president until about a year and a half prior to his death in 2005.
The club headquarters, located at 1320 Denison Ave. (at the northeast corner of West 14th St.), was built of very dark red or brown brick and had porches for both the lower and upper story. The porch railings were also constructed from the same brick, giving the house a very substantial appearance.
A large crabapple tree of maybe 20' to 30' high, at the southwest corner of the property, provided substantial shade, not to mention a few treats for the kids passing by. The apples were sour and usually could be enhanced by a bit of salt.[1]

Known officers of the Merrymen's Club:

  • 1964
President -- Frank Franks
Secretary -- Walter Dziedzina
  • 1965
President -- William Yuschik
Treasurer -- Walter Dziedzina


  1. Barbara Sinur remembers this tree a bit differently. She says it was a pear tree.
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