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Leonard G. Foster

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Name Leonard Gurley Foster
Born 10 Sep 1840
Brooklyn Village, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Died 13 Dec 1937
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Resting Place Riverside Cemetery
Occupation Property developer
Spouse(s) Lyde Holmden
Children Gertrude Foster, Ernest Holmden Foster, Leonard Willard Foster
Parents Ebenezer Foster and Almira Williams


Leonard Gurley Foster


Part of Original Lot 74 situated in the Township of Brooklyn, County of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio.


Leonard G. Foster (1840-1937) was the son of early pioneer, Ebenezer Foster and was married to Lyde Holmden.
As one of the heirs of his father, he eventually owned and developed property from West 18th St. (where it meets with Willowdale Avenue and Forestdale Avenue to the east side of West 15th Street and from the southern property line of Riverside Cemetery to Denison Avenue. Quite a large part of his property consisted of a deep ravine that ran north and south. That ravine served as a dumping ground for the city in later years and was finally filled in totally and is now an open grassy area. The part owned by Riverside now holds new gravesites.
His home was situated on a large lot at the northwest corner of West 15th St. The lot was later sold to the Cleveland Railway Company to provide access to the ravines. For a time, the lot was also used as a streetcar turnaround.
1911 ad for Leonard G. Foster's poetry books as it appeared in The Cleveland Plain Dealer Nov 11, 1911 issue.
1911 ad for Leonard G. Foster's poetry books as it appeared in The Cleveland Plain Dealer Nov 11, 1911 issue.
Well-known as a local nature poet, Leonard penned several books of poems such as: "The Early Days," "Whisperings of Nature," "Blossoms of Nature," and "Songs of Nature"[1]


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    A biographical sketch of Leonard Gurley Foster can be found in Volume 2, pg. 119
    call no: [F34ZD C652 v. 2]

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