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Who Am I and Why Did I Create this Site?

I lived in the Barbarowa neighborhood from 1948 thru 1961 on Redman Avenue. I attended St. Barbara's Elementary School from Kindergarten thru to my graduation from 8th grade in 1958. I later married James Rozhon in St. Barbara's Church in 1964. He was the grandson of a long time resident of the area, Ludwig Kapusta. As early as 1909, Ludwig had a butcher shop at the corner of West 14th St. and Redman Avenue.
It was through the exploration of our combined family trees that I discovered just how interconnected everyone in this neighborhood was. These pages, then, were my attempt to try to organize all the bits and pieces of information that I stumbled upon over the years. At some point, it became obvious that maybe others who had ties to the neighborhood might also enjoy looking through these items.
My project grew each time I found a tidbit that spurred my curiosity to find out more and more. Thus, first it was doing my own family's genealogy, then my Barbarowa neighborhood's, and then the original settler of the neighborhood (Ebenezer Foster). When I discovered in the very early census records that everyone along Denison Avenue proved to be related to Foster, further expansion of the website occured to include the original settlers of Original Lot 65 the center of which is the crossroads of Denison Ave. and West 25th Street. And so it goes, on and on.
They say curiosity killed the cat, but it also serves to really beef up a Wiki because you are always sure to turn up some new bit of information that makes you want to know more.
I am eternally grateful to my husband for wandering around the neighborhood taking pictures when he got his first camera. Most people tend to take photos of family members. He took pictures of places and things...the places and things our nostalgic hearts now try to hang onto as we grow older.
When the Jennings Freeway chopped up the neighborhood, much was lost. His pictures, though, have preserved a bit of that history.
Many other visitors of this Wiki have graciously contributed photos so that the Wiki serves as a virtual museum for Brooklyn Centre. My thanks to them, too.
If you've enjoyed looking through these pages and think that maybe you have some pictures that may be of interest, I encourage you to write to me and we'll try to include your memories too.
Sandy 08:07, 1 April 2009 (PDT)
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